Announcing the Kekwcoin Token ($KEKW) Launch

Important Information & Distribution Breakdown

We are excited to announce the details of the KEKW token launch. Purchasers will be required to add the market ID in any Serum DEX UI in order to trade $KEKW until the market request is accepted.

Initial KEKW Allocation

Liquidity (25%)
Allocation reserved for liquidity to avoid token shortages and ensure a sustainable market.

Airdrop (30%)
Early community participants are rewarded for contributing in the build process and expansion of the Kekwcoin community at its very early stage. Every participant will be entitled to 300,000 or to 100,000 KEKW tokens depending on the role achieved.

Marketing (10%)
Locked up for future development, which will be used to finance the future operation of the community and platform.

Burn (25%)
To be burned in 3 events that will be announced further in time coinciding with major advances in the platform development.

Team (10%)
The founding team’s allocation of KEKW will vest over a traditional 1year vesting schedule. We believe this should be standard practice for any team that is committed to making their project a long term success.

Step-by-Step How to Purchase KEKW


Kekwcoin partnered with Solape and now users can purchase KEKW tokens with ease at Click here, connect your wallet and start purchasing KEKW!


1. Go to Serum DEX or any other DEX using Serum DEX.

2. On the top-right corner, press the Connect button in order to connect your wallet to the DEX.

3. Select your wallet and introduce your password. In case you don’t have a wallet we recommend creating one at

4. Congrats! You now connected your wallet. Now go to the top-left corner of the Serum DEX page and press the ⊕ symbol to add a market.

3. Add the following data:
Market Id: N99ngemA29qSKqdDW7kRiZHS7h2wEFpdgRvgE3N2jy6
Market Label: KEKW/USDC
Base label: KEKW

Press Add. You are all set! You added the KEKW market and now you can start trading the KEKW token!

About KEKW

Kekwcoin ($KEKW) is the centerpiece of Kekw’s community and creators platform. Kekw aims to be the space where stablished and up and coming content creators such as web designers, code developers, music makers and graphic designers, among others, will be able to promote their artwork, collaborate and access to the network and infrastructure needed for them to fulfill their creative initiatives. In a near future, Kekw is going to provide a decentralized platform and marketplace for both the community and creators, and new financial tools such as staking pools with a “stake-for-share” system or the new AnMC (advertised non-monetized content) mechanism in order to provide fundraising to the community’s most remarkable projects and allow investors to earn a share/rights over the final product. More about Kekw on our webpage, litepaper, and social platforms.

Solana coin for Content Creators